The voices of darkness emanate from this statue. It's where I get all my ideas, really

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Primary song writer & noisemaker on “Confusion & Certainty.”

I like sounds, noise as well as music. I started studying “classical” and electronic music at the same time, and electronic has just as much potential to evoke emotion as orchestral because there are so many different sounds to work with.

Industrial, noise, and goth music have been great inspirations because listeners are so open and accepting of new stuff. Industrial music seems more of an aesthetic, not a specific genre, so there is great freedom to be creative.


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Primary singer on “Confusion & Certainty.”

I have been enchanted with and delighted by dancing and reveling in the goth / industrial scene from the moment I laid eyes and ears on it.

Ever desiring to be more involved and to share my spark of enthusiasm for performance and interactivity, I invite you to come be a part of what ignites when we take to the stage to create a participatory live show. Come play with us!

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November Spring Day

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Technologist & Maker, recording engineer & singer on “Confusion & Certainty.”

I like technology, performance, and the merging of the two. I remember being around 8 and finding a book on synthesizers at the library. The cover had a picture of a bunch of synthesizers with cables running all over the place. That is the moment I first became interested in synthesizers. To this day, a picture of a modular synth awakens something within me.

I look forward to combining my love of music, digital signal processing, robotics, welding, performance and more to create a unique and dynamic live show.