Just Released!

My Love, My Friend

Mastered by Andy Deane of The Rain Within and Bella Morte. “Guest vocal” version coming up for Patreon subscribers :)

Of Stars

Currently in stems mixdown, a new-to-us engineering technique that keeps mixes under control! Then, it’s off to mastering. ETA sometime in December.

The Artificer

Final vocals have been recorded! Mix will be a piece of cake since there aren’t, for once, 1000 parts to reconcile.

Cold Rain & Night Drive

Songs Eris has to finish before the new material cutoff… it’s gonna be tight, since they’re both only at Verse 1.


November 2016

For more current news bits, we post regular updates on Patreon and Facebook.

-> Now that we’ve done 2 whole shows… one in which only Lorelei was there… we’re doing a show in February with Digital Gnosis. Location and final lineup TBD, but it’s going to happen, so it’s all hands on deck.

-> We got Digital Gnosis’s remix of Nothing Left, Something More, soon to be released.

-> We also sent our, um, “remix” of DG’s Aporia, but they’re saving that for a whole remix release sometime in March. It went surprisingly fast.

-> If we want to perform new songs, we really have to get them live-worthy. This is going to be a case where we’re working up to the deadline.

-> Vocals for The Artificer, our steampunk musical theater-esque song, are final! Going to mixdown. Of Stars is going to final stems mix, then off to mastering!